Google+ Ripples a fun game that spreads your word around

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Ever since "Ripples" were introduced by +Google+  I enjoyed the "game" feeling they provide. Just try it and you'll see the difference that "playing" with Ripples will make on your followers on G+.

Here is how the game is played and the results are instant.
Let us take for example This Post I just saw on my +Google+  stream

The post was originally posted by +MAKE

What you do is to click on the + sign and after that you share it with the arrow next to it.
The window that appears after you click the share button has two white spaces to be filled. Here is how they'll look
On the top where it says "add a comment" write anything you feel about, concerning the subject that you are sharing (make it bold)

On the bottom, where it says "to", make sure that you make the share PUBLIC.
Ripples works only with public shares and with posts that are not older than one day.

Once you have shared the post, click on the blue link where it says
"originally shared by", this operation will take you to the original post.
Now, if you are familiar with +CircleCount  (you better be by now)
and you have dowloaded their extension you should see under the red plussed button three icons "R" F and S

Ther R stands for Ripples, click on it and you'll see how well your share has gone with this particular post

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