Google Glass is going to replace smartphones in 2014?

Project Glass: the future is now!
Project Glass: the future is now! (Photo credit: Stijn Vogels)
by pio dal cin. Codognè.  With two million pieces excpected to be sold by 2014, Google Glass could become the alternative to Smartphones according toThis Article,. Demand for wearable computer and agumented reality has sharply increased even with a price tab ($1.500) that cannot be considered "popular" Google Glass is getting ready to become available by the end of  2013 beginning of 2014.

My personal concern, having watched the various interviews and +You Tube  clips involving journalists trying the Google Glass, is that in ten years, when the device will be very popular, is to see people walking around with the Glass not paying attention to where they are going. I think the Glass is very distracting, even if I haven't got the chance to try it personally, by looking at the various clips about the Glass, it occours to me that they are very very distracting. People will wear them inevitably while driving their cars and a DWG (Driving While Glassing) will soon be a ticket to be issued to many Glass wearers.

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