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Google gets low score in customer appreciation

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by pio dal cin

In this interesting post by +Search Engine Land  There is an analysis of the overall customer appreciation and in particular the poor performance of +Google  in customer appreciation

Although the data only partially concerns +Google+  I wrote this comment on the +Search Engine Land  page:
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      pio dal cin  10 minutes ago
      I'm not surprised specially on the G+ drop. The interface was abruptly changed from last year creating a "brand new layout" on G+. The hangouts as they were before the changes were awesome, now they are less appealing than a pac-man game. Why all these changes? If you have something that works well, why would you change into something worst and more complicated to the new users?
      There are Gplussers of the first generation (before it was open to the public) wwho woul pay a monthly fee to Google if they could go back to the old layout. Google made the same mistake as Coca Cola did when they introduced the New Coca Cola.
      It was working just fine. They had to screw it up... with communities and new hangout layout...shame shame"

      I have been a loyal user of G+ since I joined back in 2011. I spent countless hours on the platform +Vic Gundotra  doesn't like for G+ to be called "Social Network"
      I do not have gazillion followers, my count stops at about 73K but I was always trying to keep up with all the mayor changes that were made month after month after month.

      Since G+ introduced Communities and the new Hangout layout I think they really screwed it up for us and for themselves.

      When you have a fine tuned car that runs and wins, there is no need for trying to make it different and look like your opponent ( I think G+ looks more like Fcebook now than ever before)

      Marketing strategy? I don't know. I am too stupid for that game.  All I know is that G+ is not as much fun as it used to be last year.

      I was reading yesterday This interesting G+ post by +Rebecca Woodhead 

      and I was happy to find out that I'm not the only one who thinks like this.

      What I realized in these two years is a certain "fear" among Gplussers to critisize +Google+  openly, as if, if you did a "punishment" from up above would follow.

      Borsellino, a judge blown up by the Mafia, here in Italy, because he was getting too close to the secret alliance between Mafia and Politics, once said: " HE WHO DOES NOT FEAR DIES ONLY ONCE".

      I like to speak up my mind openly, and, believe me there is no frustration in my being a part of this +Google+ . On the contrary, I have met great people, done great interviews on +You Are The Star (for FIVE minutes)  and shared tons of posts on my +Sharing is Caring on G+ 's page.

      I believed so much in +Google+  that when some journalists tagged it as a "Ghost Town" I created my +Ghost Town Google plus  PAGE (the first, then other copied)

      Not anymore. As a good relationship ends, mine has too with G+.  I am not in love anymore (but we can still be friends) at least until they give us back the "Gusto" of the old layout, with ONE stream and Hangouts as they were set up before.
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