Chinese Government Troops fire on Tibetans celebrating Dalai Lama's Bday

Tibetans wait for President Hu of China. Tibet...
Tibetans wait for President Hu of China. Tibet is among the more prominent issues of self-determination in the world. Usable with attribution and link to: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Dalai Lama's Greater Tibet
Dalai Lama's Greater Tibet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
by pio dal cin. Codognè. If you are a scumbag that shoots at Tibetans just because they want to celebrate their leader's Birthday, chances are that you are a Comunist Scumbag and remain so for the rest of your life, having devoted to killing, beating up and torture people just because they think different from you and in particular those assholes who are trying to rule the world by holding our western governments by the balls having bought most of their national debt.
This Article by  The Tibet Post tells about the shooting and the beating.

Well, the fact that those Chinese's Government fellows are true scumbags is nothing new. What is new is the fact that our Western leaders continue to bow to them and kiss their ass as if they could not survive without the Chinese knocking constantly on our doors and telling us what to do with our lives.
Shame on all the Western Governments who are afraid of this modern time invasion by the Chinese Scumbags. Free Tibet.
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