The Truth shall make you free

(by pio dal cin)

Is there still room for the truth in today's world? We lie, we like to lie. From the moment we get our bud off the blankets, till the moment we go back to the pillow at night, we lie. 

"How are you'?" is the most common question when you stumble on the hometown's scumbag five minutes before your jog is over, you are swetting and can't wait to reach the shower.

"Great" Is the answer, like you were going to tell him that you are about to kill your plumber because he charged you extra, or that you have this and that problem. No way.

The mask is always on. Either on real life that in the virtual one.

Personally I try to tell the truth. I don't have a good memory for my lies and besides it makes me feel great to be able to say what I think without fear. Life is too short.

I have always thought of myself as a salmon. Always ready to swim upstream, away from everyone's choice. I'm a bastard! Everyone goes left, I go right, and viceversa.

I have achieved all the beautiful things that life has granted me so far, just by doing that. I always felt special, thus I would go wherever no one else has.

I did that as a young photojournalist. I was to choose which branch of photography I should choose. I looked around and decided that I would be a war photographer because nobody else wanted a job that if something  went wrong you died.

I did that in my younger years when most of my friends would stop at the corner's bar smoking cigarettes, drinking and playing pool. I refused that. I wanted to discover what was behind the fence, and I did.

If my life has been a wonderful journey so far I have to thank the fact that I was true to myself and to others, I never tried to screw anyone or sell them bad used cameras. I sent many to "Vaffanculo"
instead of telling them off behind their back.

I paid my price for doing that but at least if I look at myself in the mirror I can stand myself without fear or shame.

Should I live to be one hundred, or should I die tomorrow, I state that I am not a liar, and what I said was the plain truth, either in a court of law that in a public square.

To conclude I must say that if there is a small piece of advice I can adventure myself into giving to those of you who were patient enough to read this stupid post, the advice is to "Tell the truth, do not be afraid of the Truth"

The feeling you get is wonderful.