Google Glass & similar products.Are we turning into cyborgs?

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(by pio dal cin) As I was reading this interesting article by +The Verge . I thought on how our future as humans will be fifty years from now.

I can see gadgets like the Google Glass having developed into something far more sofisticated, lighter and "implanted" full time in our heads that it will be a lot harder for us to detect the differences between humans and cyborgs.

Technology applied to the human body will help the Human Kind to find "spare parts" as if we were broken toys or dolls. We will be able to replace a leg, an arm, or even our brains. We will live up to 150 years because we'll always have our spare parts available to us.

Cars will drive us to where we need to go. Media will pick our products( they already do anyway). Robots will be replacing us into the "dirty jobs" that we won't like to perform.

What about our freedom and the possibility of choosing using our own judgment? Whatwould be left of the Human that we know as a free specie able to think and make his/her own decisions? Hard to tell, but the awe and magnetism played by these new gadgets tells me that  we are evolving into something that will change our lives forever. Let us hope that it will be for the best.
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