SEO. Learn about it from the best on Google+

(by pio dal cin) +martin shervington  is a great Gplusser. I noticed him as he joined +Google+  and immediately asked him for This Interview on my humble show +You Are The Star (for FIVE minutes) . 

Today he published a great post on +Google+  with a Few Videos that you may find interesting if you want to find out what "Search Engine Optimization" aka "SEO" is.

+Google+  has worked hard on this and how to establish "authorship" so that if you write constant great content on a certain topic, +Google  search engines will recognize you as an "author" and give the credit you deserve for it, specially if you are constantly posting on +Google+  and if you have a +Blogger  blog that can be easily integrated with your Google plus profile.

Read the original post of +martin shervington by clicking  Here. Enjoy the ride.
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