Google Glass.What about eyesight protection?

(by pio dal cin) I watched this Video that was posted by +jean louis NGUIYEN  about the great reaction of +Ron Richards  when trying a pair of +Google  #Glass on. 

I have been following the +Project Glass  and the videos posted by people who have been given the chance to try out the Glass. All of them seem to be so excited and surprised positively by the greatness of this new device set to be released publicly by the end of 2013.

My concern was basically a safety one, at least in the very beginning. I can foresee in the near future, when the Glass will be worn by thousand of people, the safety issues that wearing such a device while walking on a busy downtown area is going to raise, or worst what I called #GWD (Glassing While Driving) if people will decide that it is going to be cool to have the Glass in the car for further assistance while looking for a particular spot .

After watching various videos of people trying the Glass, I noticed (and you are welcome to do the same) that people who are wearing it and trying it, tend to cross their eyes upward in an awkward manner.

I asked +Gary Levin   who has worked for decades on people's eyes as a doctor, to tell me what he thinks about it.

Stay tuned for some answers in the future.

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