Google Glass Test Drive from the Washington Post

Google Glass Test drive (click here to see video) (by pio dal cin) The +Washington Post  shows you how the "Glass" works. Take a look at this interesting video. Personally I am a bit skeptic on the security.
Look how the eyes of those who wear the "Glass", it seems awkwardly looking in a odd way. I don't think they'll make it across a busy Manhattan street if they are busy "talking" with the "Glass"

Here is my comment on the +Washington Post  article: "I think the Glass is a great tool. My primary concern is on safety though. Can you see a few hundred pedestrians walking around a busy downtown street, three or four years from now, trying to talk to their Glasses and attempting to cross the street during rush hours...Watch out for that taxicab! Ouch..too late! 
What about abusing the Glass while driving? West Virginia is already trying to outlaw the use of these gadgets fearing it may distract the driver from a busy task like driving. 
Time will tell. I doubt it'll work (safety wise). The tech appeal of course is great (like the price a bit too high for regular pockets). 
Good luck (on crossing the streets)" (pio dal cin )
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