Google Glass how to make money with it (without using it)

(by pio dal cin) The +Google  "Glass" is cool, and is making waves in the media and on the Web as its release date approaches. More details are revealed on the actual composition and parts Of the Google Glass as  +TechCrunch  reports on its latest article.

Thinking of a way to make money with the "Glass"? Well do not try sell it on E-bay or nowhere else, if you get caught you'll lose your +Google+  account immediately. I stated my personal thoughts on the Glass on this public comment on the +Washington Post "I think the Glass is a great tool. My primary concern is on safety though. Can you see a few hundred pedestrians walking around a busy downtown street, three or four years from now, trying to talk to their Glasses and attempting to cross the street during rush hours...Watch out for that taxicab! Ouch..too late! 
What about abusing the Glass while driving? West Virginia is already trying to outlaw the use of these gadgets fearing it may distract the driver from a busy task like driving. 
Time will tell. I doubt it'll work (safety wise). The tech appeal of course is great (like the price a bit too high for regular pockets). 
Good luck (on crossing the streets)" (pio dal cin )" So I think that the +Google  new product will be a hit, (even without the safety mentioned above). If you are one of those believers that there is a simple smart way to cash in . Just break the Glass down in its components +TechCrunch  has a great series of articles on it, and buy stocks on the companies involved in the making of the Glass.

In a couple of years your investment will double. Not convinced? Come back and read this article two years from now and compare the stock prices of the companies who are directly involved into the Glass Project. Hey, if you really made a bundle I will be happy you did.
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