G+ Gplussers to be mugged by Bearman Cartoons

(by pio dal cin) +CircleCount  and +Bearman Cartoons  have teamed up to try out a new feature called "polling". Follow This Link on G+ and cast your vote. You will be asked to cast a vote for a popular Gplusser (I voted for HH +Dalai Lama ) The one who gets more votes will be mugged (made into a caricature) by +Bearman Cartoons .
I consider myself a lucky man for having been "mugged" by the Green Man (that is how I call +Bearman Cartoons .

One night as I was talking to him via +Google+  I asked him if he could put some hair on my bold head.

I should have kept my mouth shut. Look at the result this great cartoonist came up with

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