CNN reports gunshots now in Watertown as manhunt continues

(by pio dal cin) 
The young terrorist is 19 years old and he managed to flee in spite of the massive manhunt that was put up by law enforcement people who literally shut down the area from Boston to Watertown Mass. His older brother, 26 died after his wounds last night as he was exchanging fire with police officers.

Law enforcement officials have now lifted the lockdow of the whole Watertown area that was set to  
surround the suspect. He is believed to be armed and dangerous and expected to make a mistake soon or later. He is a good athlete , he is 19 and very sharp. Students who knew him remind him as a person who has never created any problems and was not a trouble maker.

"He was framed" said his father ">In this CNN Video interview.  His uncle, interviewed earlier said "We are ashamed"

As I am writing +CNN  reporters say that they heard gunshots on Arsenal street just now. So the situation is still very tense and a lot of police's activity

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