Boy killed in Boston held a sign "No more hurting people"

(by pio dal cin) Martin Richard the 8 years old boy who was killed by the bomb during the Boston Marathon yesterday was a child who loved Peace. Here he is seen in this +CNN  Video, holding a sign saying No more hurting people- Love. A heart breaking story that raises so many questions and leaves us all astonished.

Why do we keep on killing one another as if the happiness and the joy that  cannot be shared has to be stopped.

Randomly the terrorist selects the target and strikes, goes home and watches the news, hoping that the number of dead will rise higher.

Doesn't he/she have a heart? Doesn't he/she have some feelings, memories of love, places and people met when he/she were young and played in a background'?

If so how can this person decide that the time has come to select random targets who are not going to see the sun tomorrow? We all have to die one day; how will he/she feel when learning wit the age that these acts were completely fruit of insanity and totally useless?

Those people laying in the ground could have been your spouse, your child, your grandmother, your brother or your sister; how can the logic of terror survive in such an orrible way that we are not free to be downtown without fearing for our lives?

Martin Message must become an Icon  "NO MORE HURTING PEOPLE LOVE"

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