Boston Terrorist Dzhokar Tsarnae pinned down

(by pio dal cin) Twenty minutes ago, as I was watching +CNN  LIVE from Watertown Mass. One of the correspondent of  Wolf Blitzer reported hearing exchange of gunshots from four to five people, then nothing. It seems like a critical moment in this ordeal is being reached. Heavy Police activity is going on as I write. I am writing as this unfolds. +CNN  reports that  Dzhokar Tsarnaev the suspect is still alive, but it is not easy to sort the good news from the best news.

The work of a journalist is to report the truth, not to make up the story to make it "more appealing". That is what I always did when reporting a breaking news: caution before releasing a statement that can easily backfire.

Based on my experience I would venture into saying that "this is it". It is a matter of hours if not of minutes before the whole ordeal is over. There are ambulances on the scene on Franklin street. As I resume writing the chances that he is now pinned down by police are very very high. They are probably trying to capture him alive and they are using all the possible caution. Flash bombs and tear gas bombs seem to have been fired too as this seem to be a standoff that is going to keep us awake all night
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