Pope Francesco confirms ring (silver) and logo

(by pio dal cin) Pope Francesco has today confirmed that the "St. Peter Ring" will be in silver, instead of gold and the Emblem will be similar to the one He had as a cardinal. The star on the bottom  left is an homage to Holy Mary. The flower on the right (although it looks as a wine grape it is the flower of Saint Joseph) is an homage to Saint Joseph.

The motto "Miserando atque eligendo" refers to Jesus choice of the Apostle Matthew who was considered a sinner by many and could be translated into "He forgave him by choosing him"

The ring (silver) was created  by Enrico Manfrini,who died in 2004 and was considered the sculptor of the Popes bears the image of St. Peter with the keys.

The secretary of Pope Francesco will be theMaltese mons. Alfred Xuereb, 54 anni, even if official confirmation from the Vatican  has not been given on this name

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