Google Glass :This is how guys will be using it on dates

(by pio dal cin) March 7th 2013 11:00 pm (GMT+1)
+Google  Glass will make a great impact on the market as it will become available by the end of 2013. I was posting a comment on a New York Times article about the impact it will have on people crossing the street, bumping into each other and eventually getting runned over by a truck or a cab on its way to the Airport in a busy New York. The video here is absolutely funny. 

What really concerns me is how people would walk around without getting into the weardest accidents being concentrated on what the +Google  Glass is doing more than what is going on around them. Look at this video from a journalist of theVerge who tried the +Google Glass for the first time. Look at his eyes as he tries them on. His eyes are looking up in a strange way.

Look at these official videos from +Google They show you how it works and when it will be available, along with great information Google Glass Project

Personally I do not think that I will ever own a Glass since the probable price will be in the $1500 range. 
Besides that I feel stupid enough walking around with my smart phone. We all became attached to these small objects as if our lives depended on. Easier to interact virtually, (and less risky on the personal level) we often forget about our real lives.

Will this be another step into "Robotizing" our lives? I would like to hear some feedback.

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Peter G McDermott ha detto…
I think you make some really valid points. One of my close friends told me that she was selected to be one of Google's Glass Explorers and although I was excited for her, I don't really see how it would fit into my life.

Sure it would be great to have my smart phone out and able to answer my questions whenever I need them, but wouldn't it be easier if we just did without the visuals? I think it would be much safer to use a simple Bluetooth headset to accomplish 90% of what Google glass does. Sure you won't be able see the street you're supposed to turn down, or see who is in the hangout when you're trying to experience life, but who cares?

I think if Google would ditch the glass and keep every other bit as a cell phone accessory, it might make more sense to me.