Google Glass Demo at SXSW

At SXSW this afternoon,  +Google  provided developers with a first glance at the Google Glass Mirror API, the main interface between Google Glass, Google’s servers and the apps that developers will write for them. In addition, Google showed off a first round of applications that work on Glass,  how Gmail works on the device,  integrations from companies like the New York Times, , and others.

The Mirror API is essentially a REST API, which should make developing for it very easy for most developers. +Timothy Jordan   noted in today’s presentation, developers can always add their own sharing options, as well. Other built-in features seem to include voice recognition, access to the camera and a text-to-speech engine.

Glass Rules.

Essentially, developers should make sure that they don’t annoy users with too many notifications, and the data they send to Glass should always be relevant. Developers should also make sure that everything that happens on Glass should be something the user expects, said Jordan. Glass isn’t the kind of device, he said, where a push notification about an update to your app makes sense.

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