Enjoy Your Flight with Google Flight Search

(by pio dal cin)Google Flight Search What a great companion for your trips around the world. You can change your travelling plan instantly checking the connecting flights or airports should you change your travelling  options.
Check it out and experiment for yourself on this +Google  post on G+

Enjoy Your Flight with Google Flight Search Google (G+ Page)

"With Google's Flight Search, you can make your flight as much about the journey as your destination. It's easy to choose your layover by filtering airports for your connecting flight. Say you're flying from Madrid to Dubai and you'd prefer to fly through Istanbul on your way. After you input the date, clicking the "More" button will give you the option to select your desired connecting flight airport. The results will instantly update to show flights with Istanbul as the connecting airport. After you select your departing flight, you can use the same "More" filter for your returning flight"

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