Conclave. How a Pope is chosen (Infographic)

(by pio dal cin). Tuesday will mark the start of the Conclave. It will all begin with a public Mass in St. Peter's Chathedral. The Cardinals then will move on to a place where they'll swear all together for secrecy during the voting. They will move to the Sixine Chapel where the voting take place. The head of ceremony will say the words "Extra Homnes" and everyone who has nothing to do with the voting (115 Cardinals in total) will leave the premises. On the first day there will be a maximum of two voting sessions. The first "smoke" will be sent on the Chemin at approx 7pm (Rome Time).

The cardinals will cast their vote into a container on the main altar. The votes needed to elect the new Pontiff will be 77 (two thirds of the participants) A panel will read the votes. At the end of the scrutiny the votes will be tied up with a string and set afire (for secrecy) into a stove. If the Pope is elected a white smoke will exit from the chemin on top of the roof at the Sixine Chapel. If not, a black smoke will exit.
Prediction? Sean O'Malley, as Francis the I ( at least that is my hope)

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