Circle Count on G+ New Feature. Your Circle Map

(by pio dal cin)   +CircleCount  we know is the best on +Google+  for statistics. +Nils Tschampel  & +Chris Macidis  among the great team that provides million of people with daily updated statistics on what goes on inside the platform. If you are using Google Chrome than you can easily download the Circle Count Extension for G+ and play with all the Google Statistics you want.

I had the pleasure of interviewing +Nils Tschampel  on the First Circle Count's Birthday on July 5th 2012. Here is the video interview on +You Are The Star (for FIVE minutes) my humble interview show here on +Google+

Today a New Feature was announced by Circle Count on G+ it is called Your Circle Map and what it does, is to show a map of people in your Google Plus Circles sorting them out and dividing them up by Country

You'll be able to see how many Google plus followers you have in the USA, or in Europe, Italy, Pakistan Australia, India, China, Japan or Argentina, Russia, Asia, Africa or North Pole

How can you do that? Simply click on the link provided in the +Nils Tschampel 's Google Plus Post after you downloaded the extension from the Chrome Extension, and you will enter a great World of fun and interactive statistics

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