Berlusconi plays the victim to avoid trial

Silvio Berlusconi - Caricature
Silvio Berlusconi - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)
(by pio dal cin) Monday March 11th 2013 

As the trial against Silvio Berlusconi begun today in Milan (the third in fitfteen days) the leader of the Pdl (the party founded by the richer man in Italy) Alfano, marched with about twenty other members of the party to the Palace of Justice in  Milan, to show their support for their leader whom they claim to be " a victim of the Justice for twenty years".

Berlusconi was hospitalized a few days ago with a retina problem, but the judges feared that he was trying to avoid the trial in order to make his case fall due to timing procedures.

It is completely absurd that a man who can afford paying his divorced wife a tab of 100 thousand Euros ($50 thousand) a day with a 35million Euros income a year, have to be defended politically by his party members.

Italy is going trough a very delicate moment, socially and politically, it is time to stop worrying about Silvio Berlusconi's problems and worry a bit more about the poor people who are struggling to survive amid the worst economic crisis.

Stop the bullshit. Let the judges do their work. Stop whining every time Silvio Berlusconi goes to trial.
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