Larry Page meets Charles Chase on Electricity for all


This is what +Larry Page  just wrote about this project on a +Google+  post (see link to original post below)

Thanks to +Bradley Horowitz  for sharing this +Sharing is Caring on G+

I loved meeting Charles Chase from Lockheed Skunk Works because he wants to change the world and he has a plan.  His dream is about building a compact fusion reactor (that would fit it on the back of a truck) which is capable of generating 100MW of electricity - enough to power a small city.  Charles thinks he could have a prototype in 5 years and a fully engineered plant in 10 years.  This would be capable of meeting all electricity demands globally by 2050.  All with virtually zero emissions.  An exciting example of how 10X thinking could make the world a better place.   

Link to +Larry Page 's post

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