Italy, where victims of Earthquakes still pay taxes

Monti's visit to Earthquake's stricken areas in Emilia Romagna (by pio dal cin)  I was really shocked yesterday to learn from the news that people who were victims of the latest Earthquake in Emilia Romagna, will still have to pay taxes.

In time of disgrace, sorrow and destruction, the Italian politicians have not found a way yet to issue a law that would actually exempt people who are victims of natural disasters to "at least" not to have to worry about paying TAXES for at least FIVE years.

 A sort of a helping hand would be mostly welcomed by the people who have lost their homes, their businesses, their jobs.

Amid corruption and scandals on the daily base we hear politicians from left to right talking about Millions and Billions Euros while people are struggling to reach the end of the month.

I am not mad or angry. Today when I heard Monti saying that he "Could not do anything to lift the taxes for the Earthquake striken areas of Emilia Romagna" I had just one deep feeling of SADNESS  for what politicians are doing to our beloved Italian People.
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