Facebook head count will grow in 2013 says Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook will grow head counts Mark Zuckerberg says (by pio dal cin)  As reported here by +TechCrunch
+Leena Rao  writes a short but effective article on +Mark Zuckerberg  statement about Facebook growth in the year 2013 . +Google+  came in second but my humble opininion is that by the end of 2013, mid 2014
+Google+  will surpass the Old Facebook. Facebook Q4 was just released today with net profit of $256million


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On Facebook’s earnings call today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a strong statement about the company’s further investment in product development, especially those products that are making money for the company.
He said on the call: Facebook will grow headcount quickly in 2013 in product development. This will come at the sacrifice of profits, as the company doubles down on revenue earning products like graph search, Gifts and others. These products, he says, could eventually be the pillars of Facebook’s business.
In 2012 alone, Facebook added 1,419 employees to reach a total staff of 4,619 staffers worldwide. That’s a 44 percent jump. As Zuck explained on the call, the company will continue to hire in product (and likely engineering), so we should expect this number to continue to grow in 2013. And we will surely see plenty more acq-hires.

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pio dal cin ha detto…
+Google+ will beat you Mark