Chrome For Android Gets A Beta Channel For Early Adopters And Testers


posted 40 mins ago
Google just announced that it has launched abeta channel for its Chrome for Android browser. This means you can get early access to new features, of course, but the beta versions will obviously not be quite as polished as the stable releases. The current beta, which is available here, is up to 30 percent faster in completing some benchmarks and offers a number of HTML5 features like CSS Filters that aren’t available in the stable version yet. But Google also warns that it’s a bit sluggish on the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S.
As Google Chrome technical program manager Jason Kersey warns users in today’s announcement, “just like our other Beta versions, the new features may be a little rough around the edges, but we’ll be pushing periodic updates so you can test out our latest work as soon as it’s ready.” He also notes that Chrome for Android now “benefits from all the speed, security and other improvements that have been landing on Chrome’s other platforms.
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