Berlusconi ignites controversy on the wrong day

(by pio dal cin)
Berlusconi today ignited a heated controversy when he spoke about racial laws during the Mussolini regime: " those laws werw the worst thinh he ever did.. but he also did something good" Said Berlusconi on the day chosen by the world as Remembrance Day of the Holocaust.

I would like to remind him about the hundred of thousand who were sent to Russia to help the Nazis fighting against Russia and never returned home.
That wasn't a good move either.

We can scrape all the history's book we want but it would be a lot harder to findthe things he did right as opposed to the ones he did wrong.

Anyway Mr. You picked the wrong day, and you would have been better off shutting your mouth up for a change.

what you said today will boomerang into the electoral debate like a meteor.

Wrong answer Dude. wrong timing too