Apple pulls Vine from app store featured section

(by pio dal cin) via +TechCrunch   As reported here in this article by +TechCrunch  Apple pulled the new released app from their featured app. The reason? A porn clip showed up... read the full story here

While Apple hasn’t made a peep yet about Vine’s slight porn problem, the App Store has removed the video-sharing app from its Featured Section.
The app launched on Thursday, and found itself in the Featured section of the App Store by Friday. Since, it’s swung to the top of Social in the App Store, and has climbed to the number four free app overall.
But this morning, many new Viners woke up to something unexpected in the Editors’ Picks section of the app: a hardcore porn clip titled “Dildoplay.” In turn, it would appear that the App Store has removed the app from the Featured section of the store. Most apps that get chosen by Apple spend at least a full week in the user funnel known as “Featured.”
However, the App Store’s original tweet, featuring the app as an Editors’ Pick is still up:
The presence of nudity or porn on media-based social networks is expected, but the featuring of such content is a step over the line. Twitter later explained that it was “human error” that caused the porn slip-up.
But the real question is how Apple will respond.
The App Store has a strict “no porn” rule, and has proven how strict it can be with other apps (like 500px, who was removed from the store for being able to easily search for nude pictures on the app).
However, Twitter (like Facebook) has partnered with Apple, and has been baked into Apple’s OS. Vine is Twitter’s baby, even if it’s had a bit of a porn problem since birth. You do the math.
It would appear that the app is still alive and well in the App Store as of writing, but we’ll have to wait and see if the App Store’s slap on the wrist is the end of the story.
Update: It would appear that Vine has begun the process of filtering out porn by blocking various search terms. It won’t do much for now, but it’s a start.

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