Wikileaks suspect admits considering suicide

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Private Bradley Manning confirmed he had tied the sheet into a noose
A US Army court has seen a noose made from a bed sheet by alleged Wikileaks source Private Bradley Manning as he considered suicide.
Pte Manning, 24, told the hearing he had done so while being held in Kuwait, shortly after his arrest in May 2010.
But the former intelligence analyst said he was no longer suicidal after he was taken to a US military prison.
He says charges he faces for allegedly giving secret files to Wikileaks should be dropped because of his jail ordeal.
The military argues that stringent measures, such as keeping him in isolation, were necessary to prevent Pte Manning from harming himself.
is lawyers argue that the procedures lasted well past the time when he was having suicidal thoughts and therefore amounted to illegal punishment.

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I certainly made a noose”
Private Bradley Manning
Pte Manning faced prosecutors' questions on his second day of his testimony at Fort Meade, Maryland.
He said his incarceration in Kuwait was the worst period of his entire confinement.
"I certainly made a noose," Pte Manning said. "The sheet noose in particular."

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