Strangers inspired to honour Newtown victims (CNN)

(CNN) -- "To My friends at Sandy Hook Elem. You are in my prayers. Love, Mason B. 2nd Grade, Texas."
Mandie Balderaz's 8-year-old son placed his memorial to the lost children of Sandy Hook Elementary on a child-size lawn chair in his yard, decorated with stuffed animals and balloons and held down by rocks.
Knowing he would hear the news from someplace else, Balderaz figured she had to tell Mason what had happened on Friday in Newtown, Connecticut. In response, Mason decided he wanted to make his own tribute.
"I kept it together and I ran to the store," she said. "When I was buying the stuff, it hit me ... it was real. You have to keep that straight face in front of your kids and you have to keep that mom face because I don't want my 8-year-old living in fear."
Stunned by the loss of innocent life in Friday's massacre, children and adults around the country were moved to pay tribute to the Sandy Hook schoolchildren, teachers and administrators who lost their lives. People crafted memorials and school sports teams paid homage to lives cut short. Some offered prayers, and others promised never to forget the names of the dead.

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