#Newtown Mayors getting together to demand a Plan

 (by pio dal cin) I stumbled on this tweet a few minutes ago. There is a group of Americans getting together to demand a plan against guns. "Thank God," I said to myself, "There are indeed many Americans who feel the same way I do about this horror that I labelled as Urban Terrorism".

Great courage and swift action is needed to stop potential such episodes to happen again. We must not let it happen. America is the land of the Free, not the Land of Terror and fear of Guns.

If laws were written almost two hundred years ago to protect our American families (second emendment) it seems like those laws have fired back many times, too many times.

We cannot call ourselves a Free People if we cannot go to public places without fear of running into the next gunman with an arsenal, and we cannot feel that our children are safe at school, then we have lost that very freedom that our fathers and grandfathers gave their lives.

I am an American Citizen, a proud one, living in Europe,in Italy. Here getting a handgun is very very hard. If and when you do, you must report to local authorities when you buy an extraordinary amount of ammunitions (for gun range) and the possession of guns is strictly monitored.

Automatic and assault weapons, are kept for the military and are nowhere to be purchased.

Authorities keep a close eye on the illegal market as well, so that the public safety is granted.

There are not people with arsenals. If they are found with many guns (illegally) they are locked up immediately.

America, it is time to wake up. Make a census of all those arsenals and when found, confiscate them.

Do something to make Our Country a better place for our children and grandchildren, but if you do it, do it FAST!!