Newport is teaching America the lesson of Love and Courage

(by pio dal cin) #Newport update.
Read the latest updates from Newport. Just click on the link below to know the latest developments from a great source of information like the "New York Times".

As my heart still bleeds for this terrible tragedy. I would like to share the pain that I feel like a father, like an American Citizen, like a human being who still believes that the great example , the courage, the Love that the people of Newtown has shown us, should be an inspiration for moving straight forward to a better society.

If laws that were written are not serving the peaceful living in our society, than it is time to stand up and change them, whatever it takes, even changing the Constitution.

If Terror lives among us that we cannot rest in peace, cannot be secure going on with our daily lives without fearing when, where, and how hard the next gunman is going to show up, then we are washing away all the sacrifices made by our forefathers, by the founders of this Great Nation that we all learned to Love for its Freedom, for the opportunities of fullfilling everyone's dream, for the chances that we have been given to lead a peaceful, serene life, growing our children in a safe environment, leaving them a place that should be better than the one we found, like passing an Olympic Torch, not a knife or a machine gun.

We must act as a Nation, as if we were a family hurt by the same disaster. This is not a hurricane though, we are not able to prevent that, we can only predict where and how the hurricane is going to make landfall, how strong the winds are going to be


That is something we cannot do with "Urban Terrorism"and this must stop. It takes a great deal of courage to change and that is what America needs today as we look at the pictures of those Angels
that were taken prematurely from their moms and dads, like our President said, they had dreams, graduations,marriages,their own families,their children, and now, all that is gone.

If we do not act now, then we all failed to hold the American Flag high when the one who carries it has been hit.

Our Children have been hit, mine, yours, from Sea to Sea, from Mountain to Mountain there isn't a single parent in this Country who doesn't feel the pain.

Let us come together in Peace, and stop the massacre. Let us stop the darkness with the light of hope for a better future, for this Great Land of the Free . Not the Land of the Guns
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