Monti decides to take a political stand (with blessing)

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(By pio dal cin)
Monti just held a press conference announcing that he will not run as prime minister in the upcoming political elections scheduled for next February in Italy.
He will lead a coalition of forces that are heavily concentrated on the "center".

With the blessings from the Vatican's nespaper "L'Osservatore Romano" he will probably attract votes from the young and older generations that are still undecided admist a great confusion into the political scenery. Also being considered a moderate, he hope to attract a great percentage of those voters that are not going to vote for either left or right, following the recent scandals involving many corrupted politicians from every party, making the distance between Italians and their political class wider than ever before.

There is a great percentage of Italians who do not want to be bothered with politics at all. Mistrust in the institutions and towards a more corrupted political class has mounted like never before.
Workers are being laid off, retirees are struggling with cuts on their already low pension checks, younger generations not able to obtain mortgages from the banks because it is very hard to get a steady job in the midst of a global economic crisis

Monti  said that he will work to provide a breech into  the traditional way of perceiving the political center, making space to new forces, either left or right that are willing to work together for a better Italy "European bound".

He is not going to run as Prime Minister so, the big question is " Who is going to be the one aspiring to the seat from this new  movement that Monti has baptized as "Agenda Monti per l'Italia?"

Every newspaper in the Country today names Pierferdinando Casini, the UDC Leader (centrist). Another possible candidate, and a new face in the political arena could be Montezemolo, the Ferrari CEO. Could it be Fini? The ex right arm of Berlusconi who left him in the middle of the scandals involving young girls having parties with the prime minister of the previous government was himself caught in a scandal about a house he bought with his party's public money and then sold it to his brother in law.

Either way this new coalition hopes to be the real alternative to a left that appears to be stronger than ever with its leader Bersani, but doesn't have the numbers to govern by itself if they should win the elections.

Either coalition will have to look for allies, and so does Berlusconi, who promised that he would cancel the "first home" tax introduced this year by Monti.

Monti has indeed given Italy back its International/European role, introducing new taxes in order to balance an unsteady national debt.

The problem is that lower classes Italians feel that he has targeted only the weak, leaving the upper middle classes out of the fiscal pressure, not counting the fact that the Government spends 
60 Billion a year to support itself with privileges and golden retributions that are getting Italians really angry.

Politicians an bureaucrats are making as much as 20K a month plus a bunch of benefits while the average paycheck for workers averages 1000Euros and a minimum pension of a retired person is around 450 Euros.

This is the first time I can recall having seeing such a complicated political picture where no political force has the number to govern by itself , but either way they look for alliances they see either old allies that cannot be trusted anymore, or new movments that are taking advantage of the mistrust of people for politics all together, like the case of Beppe Grillo, a stand up comedian and a very smart cookie (with 9 million subscribers to his blog) who has founda way to attract 18/20% of the votes that were lost by those political forces where the scandals and corruption have hit harder.

My prediction is that every government that will come out of these upcoming elections (in February) will not last longer than a few months. It will be more a test, to see how disgusted the Italians really are about politics as it is today. Then they will group together again for another election, once the cards from all leaders will be on the table.

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