Mark Zuckerberg are you still searching for a castle in Italy?

Mark Zuckerberg, here is a Villa for you

+Mark Zuckerberg  I heard that you are looking for a castle in #Italy  . Well, this may not be a castle, but it is a Seventeen Century's Villa located between #Venice   and the #Dolomites   in beautiful #Veneto    It is on sale for a mere three million Euros.

It is located in a small #countryside  town of 5000 souls. It is in the heart of a great land when one of the best #Italian   #wines  is produced. It is the
#Prosecco   #wine 

I know +Mark Zuckerberg  that since you joined +Google+  last year (2011) you have not posted once, but I have to try and suggest you this beautiful Villa. Why?

Well, I am not in the Real Estate business, but if you bought this #Villa   you will be a happy camper to live here because this very area is very close to everything from the #adriaticcoast   to the #dolomites  there is an international #airport   just half an hour drive and the #food   here is great.

So please, consider buying this #Villa  instead of the #castle   the local people would be greatly happy to you if you did.

The town name is #Codogne' in the #Treviso  #Province in #Italy  (check it out on +Google Maps )
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