Gun Laws need to be changed after Newtown  #Newtown

The United States has the highest gun ownership rates in the world and the second highest rate of gun deaths among industrialized nations. 
That's not a coincidence. Looking at developed nations, the U.S. is the end point of a staggering trend where the higher the rate of gun ownership, the more people die from gun wounds.
In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, Mark Reid, a machine learning researcher at Australian National University, has run a quick statistical analysis of gun death data in industrialized nations on a whim. 
His charts show how unique the U.S. is among its peers when it comes to the way the country handles guns. 
The first chart shows gun deaths per capita graphed against gun ownership per capita. Notice the upward trend — the more guns per capita, the more gun deaths per capita. The US has the most guns, ergo it has one of the highest rates of gun deaths. 

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