Google Communities is going to be a great feature

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(by pio dal cin)#communities.
 The big Google+ City is going to add this new feature, as reported here by It will allow us to create communities tailored to fit our internet needs.
Great breakthrough by the big G+ who has always strived to be "above average" on the new social networking trend since the "rise and fall" of Facebook.
The distance between Twitter is obviously represented by the incapability of the user to make a clear and sound point with just 144 characters (it's like a coitus interruptus to me), as opposed to the possibility of creating post/content without limit of characters(one can really write a book on a post if he/she wants to).

Facebook is still alive but in the recent days, going back to it was like visiting an old girlfriend that I did not see in decades, now married with four kids. It belongs to the past of the Internet.
Of course it is going to be there still, but as I like to say when talking about the two, I like to compare G+ and Facebook to two big Cities. One was there (FB) and one is being built (G+).
The difference comes to the open with this new feature "Google Communities" is the mayor of the City (Vic Gudontra, Bradley Horowitz) giving his citizens the "tool box" to build  a better neighbour, as one wishes for his/her neighbour to be like.

So, Welcome to "Google Communities" let's get it rolling.
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