G+ Communities need a little fixing (#communities)

(by pio dal cin) #Communities#communities#COMMUNITIES It's the word on G+ these days.
Not everything seems to be so exciting though, and some of the features offered on the new Google product need some fixing, before Gplussers  will get annoyed by some glitches described in the link below

The most annoying thing of Communities is the fact that when I post on any of the #Communities (at least those created by me) I get a " daily double".

Every post duplicates itself in such an annoying way that if Google doesn't find a quick solution to the problem, I will close all my #Communities and I pretend they never existed.

I joned G+ in July 2011, but I think that the stream has never been messed up like this since then.

To see if #Communities will be succesfull is going to take awhile, but if Google doesn't get rid quickly of this "spam-like" glitch, is not going to work.

Today, when I opened my profile, I spent more time deleting doubles from the posts I wrote on #Communities than I did actually writing the posts themselves. Not my bread and butter. I'd give it a few days then I will kiss the #Communities goodbye.

I did not join to enjoy spam, and it is something I created! That is even more funny/annoying
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