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Frequently asked questions about Google+ Communities

If I post to a public community, does that mean all my friends and followers can see it?

No, the posts you share to a public community will not show up in your friends and followers’ Home streams, unless your friends and followers are also members of the same community.
However, your public community posts will be visible to people who navigate to your profile page. Visitors will see text indicating that it was shared to a community.
And, of course, your private community posts will never be visible to people who navigate to your profile page, unless those people are also members of your private community.

How do Google+ Communities work with Google+ Pages?

Google+ Pages and Profiles are a great way to share content and start specific conversations with people interested in your content. Google+ Communities allow people with shared interests to talk to each other by starting new conversations around the interests they share.
Additionally, Google+ Pages can participate in Google+ Communities. Pages can create, moderate, join and participate in communities. This makes it easy for Google+ users to join conversations with the brands and organizations they care about.

Can I change my community from public to private, or vice versa?

A community’s privacy settings currently can’t be changed once it’s been created. Please pick your desired setting from the start.

How can I control how many community invitations I receive?

You can control who is allowed to send you invitations as well as whether you receive invitations via email / mobile.
To control who is allowed to send you community invitations, visit the Google settings page and adjust the “Who can send you notifications” control.
To turn emails and mobile notifications for community invitations on or off entirely, visit the Google settings page and toggle the “Invites me to a community” setting.
Note: Even if you have community invitations enabled via email / mobile, you won’t receive any invites from people you haven’t allowed to notify you.

Are community names unique? If someone else has a “Basketball” community, does that prevent me from making a “Basketball” community?

No, names do not have to be unique.

If I moderate a post out of my community, is it deleted?

No, the post stays on the profile of the person who authored it.

Why aren’t people seeing my invites?

They may not see your invites if they don’t have you in their circles, or if they’ve limited the “Who can send you notifications?” setting. Learn more about who can send you notifications.

How do notifications in communities work?

You can turn your community notifications on or off by clicking on the  icon on a community’s page.
Community members can use notifications to know when new things are shared with their communities. If notifications are On you’ll get a notification by email, on your device, and by the Google toolbar when someone posts something new.
Notifications default on in communities where the membership is moderated - that is, private communities, or public communities where you need to ask to join. It's also on by default for any community you create.
Notifications are default off in communities where anyone can join - that is, most public communities. They also default off, no matter what, when a community is large.
Note: If a community has 10,000+ members, notifications are not available at all as an option.

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