G+ #Communities #community? Not for me,I'm sorry

(by pio dal cin) Below I am showing the text of my latest post in which I announce publicly that I am leaving all the #communities #Communities that I created on G+ since the eve of this new feature.
I will still join (or create) some #communities from my G+ PAGE  "Sharing is Caring on G+"
The reason for leaving is the obsessive "noise" on the profile caused by my own posts. (every time you post on #communities the post appears back into the profile, even marked with the #community name, 
buring literally the profile under all the content you create).

I feels like being victim of my own spam. 

Not really my cup of tea. When and if this problem will be fiixed I will not join or create a new #community.

I also think, as my friend Lee Daniels wrote in a beautiful post, that this will fragment the G+ Community into little pieces of "niches" that will not be great in the long run.
(As promised I left all my #communities   (except for one that I wasn't able to promote anyone from moderator to owner, but I will keep on trying).

The reason is the eccessive "noise" onto my profile. It's not working for me. I will still enjoy (enjoy?) the experience from my page +Sharing is Caring on G+ . Any #communities   #community   that I will join I will do from the Page, not from my profile.

Too many posts popping up on my profile were buring all the great experience I had with +Google+  so far)

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