G+ Communities (#communities) Great or Not?

(by pio dal cin)#communities#Communities#COMMUNITIES All kinds of hashtags are popping up to describe the new G+ Feature "Communities". On December the 6th I wrote this post about it, as I was first discovering it myself (http://www.codognetreviso.com/2012/12/google-communities-is-going-to-be-great.html)

A few days later I am somehow puzzled by the utility of Communities. Will it be just a way to create "niches" and a sort of private clubs between G+plussers, or is it going to give G+ the real spin it needs to get to the big Facebook like numbers?
Today I opened a page on www.scoop.it (here below) in which I recommend all the best Communities that are out there so far.

I am still working on this because it is time consuming and I am not really making anything out of it if not loss of sleep. But, I must admit, I love writing as well as I love photography and that is why I spend endless hours trying to promote G+ product as if I were working for Google ( I am not of course).

What I am trying to do is to see how "search engines optimization" works on my "blogger" posts and see if my article will be ranked high on the search system that Google uses to update its "Google Search Engine" and Google Browser.

So I am here, on my Blogger Blog, humble by numbers (I get a max 500 contacts on a good day) trying to find out what makes a web 2.0 internet moron like me going up on the search engines "SEO" pages.

Talking about Google? G+? Facebook? Twitter? Linked in? About Me? You Tube? Is this going to help or is it going to be more the use of hastags and tags in general likle #communities, #youarethestarforfive (my interview show on G+)

I will find out not through heavy reading (I don't have time for that) I will find out just by posting one post at the time, till I find my way, then I will share it with my 68k followers because I do love sharing with the world.

Going back now to the topic of this discussion (#Communities) I must say that it is too early now, amidst the first days frenzy, to try and write something really concrete about this new Google feature that looks a lot like a combo between pages and circles.

Gplussers seem to enjoy it, as everyone is running wild trying to build an appetible community that will attract more followers than another. We will see.Stay tuned for more updates.
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