Connecticut shooting. Who are the terrorists?

(by pio dal cin) I just finished watching President Obama's emotional speech on Youtube over the Connecticut shooting that left twenty seven people dead.

Eighteen of them were children. America cries once more for Americans killed by Americans. Something just doesn't add up.

The pain for this massacre is felt around every single family, community, village,town, city or metropolis, not just in the United States of America, but everywhere in this Planet where there is a father, a mother, a child, a grandma, a grandpa. My prayers tonight go to those parents and relatives who today, just a few days away from Christmas, received the terrible news that no parent would ever want to receive.

As a father I cry with them all tonight. As an American I ask myself : Why?  Not why this young man went on a rampage and killed all these innocent people (I live that to people who are prepared to scan into someone's mind looking for answers)

The "Why" I am asking myself is 
why this person, like million of others in America had access to such an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction that allowed him to do what he did?

Why are people across this wonderful Country, the Land of the Free, have the right to buy an assault weapon and eventually one day go bezerk throwing millions  into a deep grief?

Who are the terrorist if we cannot go anymore into a Mall, into a Theathre, and if we cannot relax even when our children are at school in fear that what happened last month, last week or today is not going to happen right here where we live?

If the right to bear arms as the Constitution granted over two hundred years ago, means that we have to go through this tragedies, it is time to CHANGE the CONSTITUTION.

We sent our troops abroad to fight for our freedom of leading a peaceful life; us  and our children alike. Billion were spent in order to stop "terrorism" and to promote "democracy" and we find ourselves being victims of our own laws designed to create better lives?

The time has come for a change. Everyone has to be prevented from owning and carrying an assault weapon period. 

Weapons of mass destruction does not mean the "atomic bomb". What has happened today in Connecticut is showing us that the terrible loss of lives that we as a Nation suffered today, can throw a whole Country into deep sadness and it is our duty to do anything we can to stop this ferom happening again, even if it means to STOP  the sales of such weapons , to CONFISCATE those that have been already sold, and control citizens who are "inclined" to buy these kind of arms as if they were potential terrorists.

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