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Chrome Browser Extension "Hash Plugs" Adds Twitter results to Google search

Chrome Browser Extension “HashPlug” Adds Twitter Results To Google Searches

As recently as six months ago, when you did a Google search in Chrome, relevant tweets would show up in your search results.
Which was super helpful, especially if you were looking for timely, ultra-relevant information. But Twitter put a stop to that technology.
Happily, there’s now a free browser extension for Chrome that brings it back.
HashPlug, a one-step download, adds Twitter search results into Google in an “unobtrusive manner,” so that you get real time results on the latest topics right alongside Google’s results.
Here’s what it looks like:
You don’t even have to restart your browser. No Twitter account or password is required. But if you do log into Twitter, HashPlug also allows you to favorite, reply or retweet any result.
Check out a quick intro video, below (warning: the music is really annoying):
Try it out! Download HashPlug for Chrome here.
(Search image from Shutterstock)

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