Christmas without guns

( By pio dal cin)I wish for a world without guns
I wish for America to take corageous step into changing laws that are allowing citizens to turn themselves into urban terrorists and kill twenty children because the logic of selling more lethal weapons has taken a widespread hike in the Country.
Who is going to have the courage to stand against the powerful gun lobby that counts more than four million members ( or shall we call it army?) across the USA?
Money talks... And the revenue generated by the sale of guns talks its own language.
Too bad we will have to watch our back when going to public places like churches, theatres, malls, and we will not be able to feel that our kids are safe even when they are at school.
You may call this the "Land of the Free"
My opinion is that is becoming the "Land of urban terror"
I applaude to our President #Obama for appointing the panel to find a solution to the problem.
If we send our troops abroad to fight terrorism and avoid it from spreading in the Western Countries, but we fail to have Americans killing other Americans here at home, the whole thing doesn't make any sense.
Wasn't the Constitition designed by our Forefathers in order to make this a better world for us and our children? If we are now at this point where children can be slaughtered without us taking any actions, we are losing all our common sense, and the laws that were written to fit the pionneers' way of life must be changed, even if changing means to change the Constitution.
This is not just another emergency America, this is a matter of living in Freedom and serenity. Stands must be strongly taken, courage to change, change to give our children and grandchildren the opportunity given to us by those who gave their lives for the sake of Freedom, the same Freedom that is taken away from our streets by increasing fear of being the target of a rampage shooting because weapons that should only be allowed in combat can still be easily found in stores all across the USA.
Jus think at the great pain, at the great loss of those families grieving a six year old child who was the light in their lives, just before Christmas, the family's holiday.

Enough of the killing America. Enough!