Berlusconi candidate. Back to the Jurassic

Berlusconi has made his decision public yesterday: He will run for prime minister at the upcoming political elections in Italy next Spring.

He patiently waited for the left party's Pd primaries results that crowned Bersani (old guard) as winner and potential prime minister in case of a probable win by the left.
Today Monti announced his resignation from the technical government he led for the last year.
He might have saved the Country from default but he did so by bashing the lower income classes.

The problen is another though: there is no leader that has enough " cohones" to replace him. No Bersani, no Berlusconi, no Grillo, no Casini.

Everything will go back as usual: corruption, public spending, over paid political leaders, while the people of Italy, the weakest classes will suffer more under the taxes hammer, while the political class will continue its fare in luxury cars and lifestyles