America, it is time for a change in gun control laws

(by pio dal cin)

Guns for Cash.

Yesterday the best news I red, was that the lines to return guns for cash in Los Angeles were longer than those at Disneyland.

As America is still recovering from the #Newtown massacre and the ambush that killed two firefighters last week, there is a strong need of change that is mounting across the Country.

The freedom and the right to carry a firearm, as designed by those who wrote the Constitution's Second Emendment has fired back.
If we cannot feel safe when spending quality time with our friends and families in public places, we cannot go to a church, a shopping mall, a theatre without fearing that the next gunman is going to cross our way, if we cannot relax anymore when our children are at school with the fear that what happened in #Aurora or #Newtown might happen again, than we are not living the Freedom that so many Americans gave their lives for anymore.
Courage to change

Laws are rules designed in Democratic Countries in order to create and provide a better standard of life.
When laws that have been written almost two hundred years ago are obtaining just the opposite effect, the time for a corageous, quick change has come.

Sometimes it is very hard to admit that we are doing something wrong in life. We all make mistakes,but when we realize that we are perpetrating our mistakes, it takes courage to admit it, first to ourselves, then to other people, that we are wrong.

Making a U turn
Taking a U turn on gun laws is a must. If we let the recent episodes of violence pass us by as if they never happened we will grow an “addiction” to the fact that they could or might happen and there is nothing we can do to stop them. Wrong. The power and the will to change such laws permitting a private citizen to own weapons that are usually in the hands of our soldiers fighting a real war is wrong.

One thing is to own a handgun for self defense in your house; another is to allow someone to have five,six,ten automatic, semi-automatic, assault weapons that can turn into instruments of mass killing when something goes wrong in the head of the person who owns them.

Land of the Guns?
I am sure that there are a lot of responsible gun owners out there who are careful about the way they handle their legally possessed guns, but what happens when a mother buys four rifles, takes her mentally ill son to the gun range “because it's fun”and leaves those weapons in a place where they can be easily accessed by him? The City of #Newtown may never recover from the terrible blow they have been dealt by an advers destiny, but this isn't anymore a matter of #Newtown, #Aurora #Columbine, this is a matter of America being the Land of Guns, instead of being the Land of the Free.

Fighting Back

I was debating with someone on the web a few days ago, on G+. He was saying that a greater firepower grants a faster and quick response in case of an attack by a gunman.

I replied to him that “ If you and I were the parents who had children in #Sandy Hook Elementary, and we were called on our cellulars because someone was shooting inside the school, on our way franticly trying to get to the site ASAP, what could have we done given the fact that we both had an arsenal of automatic weapons at home? Absolutely nothing if not hoping that our children were spared from the carnage:”

Learning from others

Is this the way we want to live? I don't think so. The solution can be found if we are humble enough not to believe that we are the owners of the truth. Let us look at other Countries and see how they handle gun control laws and what the effect on people's lives those laws have.

In many European Countries even to get a handgun to protect your home can be a difficult task. The results can be easily found on the Internet when compared to the USA and they show a great difference in the episodes and also in the “body count” when these episodes rarely happen.
Europe has about Seven Hundred Million people living in its borderds, that is more than double the number of Americans, yet the guns are hard to get and things seem to go on more peacefully.

The logic of nuclear weapons

In America, pushed by the NRA and the powerful gun lobbies that are cashing in to the arms sales, there is another philosophy: “ I am going to buy a more powerful, lethal weapon, so that if I'm confronted by a criminal that is heavily armed it will be easier for me to take him down”.
It is the same logic that led most of the world's Countries to have nuclear weapons to stop other Countries from using theirs.

A change of direction is needed. We cannot live thinking that our neighbor can snap and go on a rampage because he lost his job,or just because he is stressed out because his wife just left him or for whatever other reason may come to his head.

I would not be able to sleep, knowing that my next door has an arsenal and that would leave me with two options: A) get more guns and weapons than he has.(then I would get a rocket launcher, or an F16 fighter jet, or why not a tank?)

B) hoping that there will be laws designed to avoid that he owns such an arsenal, so that we can both sleep well at night.

Illegal guns
Criminals can have access to illegal guns. That is another issue. This is something that authorities, both local regional and federal have to take care of. This calls for more attention to our street's crimes. It has been done in big cities like New York; it can be done anywhere else in the Country.

Time for a radical change

We have just entered the third Millennium, and as history has taught us, beginning of Millennium have brought great changes in history, art and culture. Let this be the chance we give ourselves to create a better world. Not only for ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren who deserve to live a peaceful life, in a Country like America that has always been the Land of Opportunities where dreams can be dreamt and come true. Let us build a better America now. Let us limit the power of guns for our own sake.

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