Why Obama will win this Election (by pio dal cin)

(by pio dal cin) Not with my vote though. In this post I wrote recently on G+ I explain why I will not vote for Obama to be re-elected as President. His view on gay marriages somehow betrayed the image of the "perfect" family man I thought he was. Do not get me wrong though. I have and had many gay friends. No problems with that or the relations that one individual may want to have in his/her life. I just do not agree with the "status" of family given to people of the same sex who decide to marry, and adopt children. Here is part of the comments. You are welcome to live yours as well.

I will NOT vote for Rommney either. He is too "whimpy" to be elected as a commander in chief of the USA in such a delicate International moment; besides he loves only 100% ( minus 47%) of the Americans. He does not respect women.

pio dal cin

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pio dal cin originally shared this post:
Why Obama will win this elections
I said I would stay away from politics when on G+, but as the D day approaches I cannot express my mind freely on the fact that Obama will win this elections with a broad margin of percentage.
First let me state one thing.
I voted for Obama last elections but I will not on this one. Why? For a very simple reason. His being in favour of gay marriages.

Many of my friends are gay, many were my best friends and probably will be in the future.

When it comes down to family I have my strict rules. A family is made by a man and a woman. Everything else is a relationship.
Welcome to all kind of relationships. Family remains the traditional one. For me.

So excuse me mr. Obama if I will not vote for you. I still think that you will win because mr. Rommney has shown us that he has not All that it takes to be a President of a great Nation like the US of A.
1) He should have stopped campaigning while people were counting their deaths cause of Sandy
2)He is terrible on foreing relations and in delicate times like these all we do not need is an unprepared president

3) the 47% gaffe. That was a terrible mistake.

4) No respect for women (the binders).

So. Congratulation Mr. Obama for winning this election ( please re- read this post on the 7th of November) by a greater margin than expected. Not with my vote.
I won't vote period. Neither for your views on gay marriages nor for the whimpy approach to Presidency of Rommney. Neither will get my vote this time around.
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David GriggNov 4, 2012

+pio dal cin I respect your views on gay marriage, but I think that it's a pity that you feel that this one issue is important enough for you not to vote.

I don't get to vote in your election (I'm an Australian!) but am watching it closely and hoping desperately that you are right about the outcome.

Sandra FilliniNov 4, 2012

la penso anch'io come David Grigg anche se il tuo punto di vista è rispettabile.

James BarrafordNov 4, 2012

I'm confused, +pio dal cin. Did you write this post or are you sharing from an American? I thought you lived in Italy.

MJ KashNov 4, 2012

is Italians also voting for Obama why ?

pio dal cinNov 4, 2012Edit

I am also an American citizen Jamie and I have the right to vote in the USA

Carlos BalderasNov 4, 2012

I would have agreed with you on Obama winning before the debates took place, but things can and do change after that. I'm not going to say whether Obama will get re-elected or Romney will become the new US President. I will say, however, that if Obama loses, it would be for these reasons...

1. The enthusiasm from 2008 is noticeably lower in 2012. He isn't attracting the big crowds that he once did.

2. His first debate performance hurt him badly. Even in the last two debates, even though he was much stronger, he sounded very defensive and didn't really give undecided voters any compelling reasons to support him. As someone that isn't a big fan of either major candidate, I believed Romney sounded more like a leader, while Obama sounded like a challenger to me

3. The deficit that began before Obama took office continued to grow, and the economy has been rather stagnant.

4. Focusing on health care (which hasn't been very popular among voters) before jobs and the deficit.

5. Obama trailed those that are independent voters (unlike 2008).

As for Sandy, as far as I know, both men stopped campaigning temporarily, and both are back in campaign mode.

None of us really know what's going to happen on Tuesday. My feeling is that even if Obama is re-elected, it will be a narrower victory (I can see him lose a few states that went to him in 2008) and he won't win a majority in the popular vote (>50%). Either way, we'll definitely be watching the results.
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pio dal cinNov 4, 2012Edit

He will win with a broad margin ( come back here on the 8th)

pio dal cinNov 4, 2012Edit

+MJ Kash like I said to +James Barraford I am a US citizen living in Italy

MJ KashNov 4, 2012

60:40 i m shore

MJ KashNov 4, 2012

ok i got it know +pio dal cin so you can early vote too cool hope your candidate will win

James BarrafordNov 4, 2012

Are divorced household children part of a family? What are the children within a gay marriage... are they part of a family or considered something else? 

Alex ShullNov 4, 2012

I find it strange that you see the difference between the two candidates but won't vote for one because of a single marginal issue. It would require congress to move legislation forward. Gay marriage will be decided by the courts in the end though, and Obama could make a difference in that regard.

pio dal cinNov 4, 2012Edit

To me it is not a marginal issue. Family is basic.

Marina BonazziNov 4, 2012

ho problemi col traduttore ......piu o meno ho compreso,,,,,,,

Alex ShullNov 4, 2012
It is marginal in this election because it is not being driven at the federal level. It didn't even come up in the debates.

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