Slang Vocabulary for you

(by pio dal cin) Here is a great slang dictionary. Ever in doubt what the "F" bomb is? Clear all your doubts here. Some examples taken randomly from the vocabulary under the letter F
f-bomb: Relates to a situation where someone said fuck. Always preceded by a form of to drop. 
Example: The car wouldn't start, so I dropped the f-bomb in front of my grandmother. 

f-commerce: An alphabetic leap forward in e-commerce. 
Once internet companies e-enabled everything, now they are f-ing them. 
Example: F-commerce is the next logical step for our struggling dot com. I mean, we've f-d up everything else. 

f-mo: F-word. From French: F meaning F and mo meaning mot or word. 
Example: She dropped the f-mo mid-sentence. 

F.D.G.B.: Abbreviation actually used by doctors to describe injured patients. Stands for Fall Down Go Boom. 
Example: Sorry to call you so late, doctor. We've got an F.D.G.B. here. We're gonna need you to come in. 

F.I.N.E.: F-ed up, insecure, neurotic, and emotional.use it when ur fealing that way. 
Example: my day has been F.I.N.E. everything has gone wrong 

Fab: Adjective, dervived from the rather popular Thunderbirds puppetmation of the early 80's Fab has been in use for quite some time and in it's current context is an equivlent of great!.
Originally presumed to be an acroymn for Fire All Boosters. 
Example: Lady Penelope: Parker, get the car.
Parker: Yes, m'lady.
Lady Penelope: (On telephone) Yes, this is Lady Penelope, we are going to intercept the car now, Fab. 

fab-flippin-tastic: Something that is incredibly good, so saying it's fantastic isn't enough, you have to combine three words to express your joy! 
Example: That gig was fab-flippin-tastic! 

Fabbomateo: To indicate to someone that what you think she are saying is not just fantastic but she is also your friend. A combination of fabulous and mate. 
Example: Bill: I think tonight is going to be a great night.
Joel: Yeah, it's going to be fabbomateo. 

faboo: Anything that's absolutely wonderful and fabulous, especially in a Southern California/West Hollywood fabulous kind of way. 
Example: Darling, you look so faboo stepping out of your new BMW Mini drinking that Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf blended iced mocha. 

fabtastic: Fabulous plus fantastic. 
Example: That shirt is fabtastic.
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