A very dynamic way to fly (on social networks)

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(by pio dal cin) Tuesday November 27  2012 11:45 p.m.
Tonight I discovered It is a great place where to share your content, posts,topics,photos and video. It is very dynamic. You can create your own pages or topic immediately and the difference between this and G+ (Google plus) is that you can share your post immediately trough twitter, facebook, wordpress, without any hassle. Just check it and share it. I really found it to be engaging and interesting and I will recommend it to all my friends on G+ Facebook Twitter.
Google+ should take a look at this (you could improve G+ by integrating each other's)

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Jeris JC Miller ha detto…
Great information Pio! I have book marked this! As we speak I am working on my Wordpress Blog! Thanks for this. Jeris