Petraeus Sex Scandal a true fiction unfolds like a broadway's play

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Main Character: David Petraeus. Became CIA director in Sept 2011. he admitted extramarital affair with his biographer (nice ass) PAULA BROADWELL 
(Petraeus I understand you when I saw your wife on TV dude, you needed something more refreshing)
Mom of two children, 40 years old. A nice woman indeed.She met Petraeus in 2006. Her biography of him is called "All In"
(not related to their sexual meetings I hope).
The affair began on November 2011 and came to public after Broadwell sent emails to JILL KELLEY, telling her to stay away from Petraeus

From Tampa, Fla. Surgeon and mom of three girls.
She befriended Petraeus and his wife, Holly, when he took over Central Command in October 2008.

Kelley exchanged emails with the general almost daily but the emails were said NOT to be romantic .

In May 2012, Kelley started getting anonymous,
emails telling  her  to stay awayaway from Petraeus. She reported the email to the FBI.

The FBI traced the messages to Broadwell, uncovering her affair with Petraeus. The FBI notified Petraeus' boss, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who urged him to resign.
And the FBI found something more.

It relealed  "inappropriate communications" between Kelley and another top military officer, John Allen. (Kelley you should have not said anything about those emails maybe)

Four-star general who was about to fill in into Petraeus job as Commander in Afghanistan is now in the same "quick sand". ( it is the power of the "gentle sex")
The Pentagon is investigating 20,000 pages of documents and emails involving Allen, who is married, and Kelley. Noticed that everyone is married? 

President Barack Obama has nominated Allen to take over U.S. European Command and lead all NATO forces in Europe. (nice job to lose for a quickie dude!)

That's been put on hold. He denies any wrongdoing and remains in his job.

Kelley's twin sister also socialized with the two generals. 

Petraeus' wife of 38 years  she is in charge at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  she was reported as furious, upon learning of her husband's affair (c'mon Holly, she look a lot better than you did really...your hair...perhaps?)
Kelley sent her complaint to an unknown FBI agent who sent her some photos of him without his shirt.
Seems like that movie "Everybody's crazy about Mary-Kelley"
He was removed from his job when the FBI suggested he became obsessed with Kelley
But the agent passed along a tip about Petraeus' affair to WashingRepublican Rep. Dave Reichert of Washington State who got word to 

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Oct. 27, nearly two weeks before the scandal became public.

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