Heroes on the Fronline


(by pio dal cin) BBC's Ian Pannel went to Aleppo to document how doctors strive to save lives under the boms (WARNING: Contains strong images and video)

Warning: Ian Pannell's report contains distressing images of injury and death
The BBC's Ian Pannell visits a hospital in Aleppo overwhelmed with trauma victims of Syria's civil war, where doctors work under fire to keep people alive.
An artillery shell had just landed and the hospital entrance was a grotesque tableau of blood, bodies and tears.
A small team of doctors set to work against a soundtrack of bombs and bullets.
The hospital lies in one of the southern districts of Aleppo city close to one of the city's many front lines.
The staff asked us not to identify its name or location in case government troops attack it.
It is a well-placed fear - the building has already been hit 12 times.
The doctors say it is seen as a "legitimate target" by the army because they treat rebel fighters as well as civilians.
Bloodiest battle
What began as a largely civil protest movement in Syria has degenerated into a civil war. More than 20,000 people have died according to the United Nations. Activists say it is more than 30,000.
Aleppo is now perhaps the defining battle in this conflict and, along with 
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