G+(Google plus) member helps capturing a dangerous killer

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When we talk about +Google+ Hangouts and Social Networking in general we have the tendency of thinking of something really virtual, far from our daily experiences of real life. What +Mike Downes  did here was to change that perception.
A Gplusser with great knowledge of how to use the media and Hangouts has really broken the barrier between virtual and real, when he helped to assist the law enforcment officers to apprehend a dangerous killer who was on the loose and could have damaged the community even  more, had he not been caught with the help  that came from the technology provided by+Google with the eve of Hangouts.

Hangouts have been used for many purpouses, but this one really deserves the gold medal

I am really proud tonight to have +Mike Downes as my friend here on G+.

Way to go Mike. You did a wonderful job
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